Weekend Session 02/ Wilbert Suspenders

A creative collaboration between Eternal Luxe and JJ Mendoza.
Design and creation of leather suspenders with brass hardware.

Weekend Sessions/ The Making of the Wilbert Suspenders from Eternal Luxe on Vimeo.


Q&A with JJ Mendoza:

EL: Give us a short bio of yourself.
JM: I'm a 30 year-old industrial designer based in San Francisco, bred of the West Coast my entire life. First in Seattle, then the other extreme of Phoenix, now here in the Bay Area.

EL: Why did you decide to make leather suspenders for yourself?
JM: I've been told I wear suspenders well. Almost to the point of being mistaken for a bartender at hipster-esque speakeasies. Hence why not create a pair I can say I had a hand in making.maybe one day will actually inspire me to be a bartender? Hmmm.

EL: What was the most memorable aspect of making this collar using traditional leather craft techniques? Was there anything you didn’t expect?
JM: Honestly, it was the amount of time . I had no frame of reference going into it. Also the smell of leather to me is one of the best aromas in the world.- Definitely a worthy highlight.

EL: What design details are you responsible for? What is your favorite detail?
JM: Mainly the back piece junction where the shoulder straps meet the elastic joinery. That detail was pretty exciting to concept. I wanted to pay tribute to the bag making techniques... So the pinched leather mimics bag straps.
Looks great in the end. And looks so holistic, it doesn't actually look like a bag in any way.

EL: What makes these suspenders special among all the other ones you own?
JM: I'm a fan of monochromatic things in general. Having a hand in dictating color, leather type and the smaller details really make it an heirloom for me in my mind.

EL: What did you walk away with from this experience?
JM: I learned that finishing leather edges are painstaking,though worth all the steps to really make it feel finished.
From here in out, I will be judging the quality of edge treatments of any "handmade" leather good I purchase.
Good edges to me equal complete pride in their leather making craft. Anything less is not worth my money.

EL: Would I change anything in my design Looking back?
JM: I wish they made black clips for what connected to my pants.
I do like the glint of brass detail though. Really sets off the details of the stitching.