What Makes Eternal Luxe Unique

Absolute Luxury
We select the highest quality of leathers and tools of the trade and put them in the hands of exceptionally gifted artisans. Time is the greatest luxury of all: we spend time making every stitch perfect, every edge smooth and seamless, so every part connects flawlessly with the next. We reinforce stress areas and expose hidden beauty. The subtle balance of incredible craft with a deceptively pure design make our products stand out as the new standard for the chic lifestyle.

Inspired by Architecture
Architecture is about proportions and balance, art and engineering. It sets the tone for what it means to be contemporary, provocative, and trend-setting.  Eternal Luxe's designs are the perfect marriage of Parisian effortless chic and American fearlessness, all while transcending gender standards and personal style choices.

Unique by Design
We use a limited selection of materials to offer the highest quality without cutting corners. We stay away from overt branding, over-use of hardware and superfluous details. The purity of our designs lets the eye focus on the proportions, surface quality and level of detail of our pieces. They capture attention from afar and spark interest up close and personal.

Authentically Made in the USA
Our artisans live and work in the US. They are trained extensively at the Amblard Leather Atelier and paid fairly for their time and skills to ensure the utmost quality in all products. We believe success and longevity come from a great team that collaborates and marvels at its achievements. Each artisan signs the ID card that accompanies their finished product, reinforcing the direct connection between the maker and the customer.