The Process

Design & Prototyping
Purification of form is at the core of our designs. We remove all unnecessary detail and retain the essence of the concept. During the prototyping process, the team works to refine the choice of materials, construction techniques and handcrafting efficiency. Products are tested then refined to create a collection that is coherent, true to the values of Eternal Luxe and beautiful in every detail.

Hand Stitching
Hand stitching is a lost art that takes beautiful technique, skill and time. Our artisans are so precise with the quality of the stitch that it is hard to believe machines weren't used in the process. The value of hand stitching is that it stabilizes the thread in a way that makes the product last longer.

Edge Finishing
Edge finishing requires a tedious but essential 8-step process done by hand. Our edges are not simply painted with acrylic like you see in most commercial pieces. They don't crack or peel overtime. Our process results in a smooth and fully waterproof colored edge that lasts for years. 

The discrete Eternal Luxe branding consists of a heat stamped logo visible on the back of our products. Our branding exists to complement the form, the material and, most importantly, the person carrying our pieces. 

Each product is accompanied by a unique ID card signed by the artisan who worked on it. The Eternal Luxe experience connects the artisan and the customer on a level transcending the product itself.

Packaging & Care
Our premium gift packaging elevates the out-of-box experience by revealing the product via wax-sealed tissue. The slim box can be kept to store the product when not in use, protecting it from dust, damaging UV light and deformation. We highly recommend that you treat suede products with ScotchGuard or other protective spray. Other leathers will appreciate an occasional nourishing treatment.