July 28, 2015

Eternal Luxe, from lux aeterna – lat. Eternal Light.
Eternal for something that lasts forever.  Luxe, the French word for ‘luxury'. Our handmade luxury goods combine the effortlessness of Parisian chic with fearless American flair.  They are objects of desire that add a bold finishing touch to your personal style. Architecture inspires the look, texture and proportion of our pieces.  Our pared-down, thought provoking designs tastefully bend style and gender norms.


Phnam Bagley, Founder & Design Director
Born in Paris and based in San Francisco, Phnam has followed a unique career path as a designer specializing in consumer electronics, luxury and lifestyle products, packaging and spacecraft architecture. Her fearless sense of aesthetics, attention to detail and knowledge of manufacturing processes and sustainable technologies contribute to her eye-catching yet sophisticated designs. Equally important is her commitment to producing quality, timeless goods that can be handed down from generation to generation.


The Artisans
Eternal Luxe carefully selects the most skilled, local craftspeople to create its product lines. All artisans are trained at the prestigious Amblard Leather Atelier, the only US-based program for traditional leather crafting. Every product in our line is handmade by a single craftsperson who has mastered the fine art of patterning and hand stitching, and the rare skill of traditional finishing. What makes each Eternal Luxe product unique is the time, workmanship and creative investment of each artisan.

INTERVIEW // Tinsel Interviews Phnam on Her Design Process and More

It's no surprise that our founder and design director is a woman of many talents. Phnam Bagley not only heads Eternal Luxe, she is also a highly sought after industrial designer in San Francisco. 

Her most recent project is with tech jewelry company Tinsel. Read their interview with her on how she designed their audio necklace, take a peek into her studio, and hear about what's in store for Eternal Luxe. 

Phnam Bagley with leather heat stamp