June 12, 2017

AIRGORA INTERVIEW // The Problem with Today's Luxury Brands

Interview by Leona Hu Hudelson of Airgora. Photography by Ben Kumata.

In a time where large logos, flashy materials and showy patterns may capture the attention of consumers, Parisian-born designer Phnam Bagley wants to return to the basics — the basics of high-quality craftsmanship and timeless beauty. That’s why she launched her own luxury goods business Eternal Luxe in 2012.

Based in San Francisco, Eternal Luxe produces leather goods handcrafted by local artisans using select materials and paying attention to the finest of details — details many of today’s luxury brands have forgotten, according to Bagley. The designs are inspired by architecture and also blend Parisian chic with American fearlessness. The result is an intricate balance of effortless beauty and meticulous precision.

But all of this requires a lot of hours and human skill. Bagley says one wallet may take 15 to 20 hours just to execute, but quality is not something she’s willing to sacrifice for the sake of time and money. To find out why she dedicates her time and efforts into this labor of love, we sat down with Bagley at her design studio in the Portrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco to talk inspiration, creative process, brands as status symbols, and more.

July 28, 2015

INTERVIEW // Tinsel Interviews Phnam on Her Design Process and More

It's no surprise that our founder and design director is a woman of many talents. Phnam Bagley not only heads Eternal Luxe, she is also a highly sought after industrial designer in San Francisco. 

Her most recent project is with tech jewelry company Tinsel. Read their interview with her on how she designed their audio necklace, take a peek into her studio, and hear about what's in store for Eternal Luxe. 

Phnam Bagley with leather heat stamp

February 01, 2015

Interview of Phnam Bagley, founder of Eternal Luxe

#Podcast: Eternal Luxe's founder and creative director Phnam Bagley muses on her career and how it all started.
Interview by Marouane Bembli of The Sketch Monkey.

Click on the image to listen.


November 08, 2014

Choosing the Leathers

Our leathers go through a very thorough selection process. We receive samples from many suppliers. Leather selection is the fine balance between a natural look and textural consistency so we can use most of the hide. It needs to be the right ratio of supple v. stiff, the right sheen, color, texture design, durability, etc. The edge must hold well after skiving (the process of removing thickness), sewing and sanding. Finally, we must look at the country of origin of the animals as well as where the leather was tanned. It helps us determine the best suited hides for the quality of standards we like to uphold.

November 01, 2014

Eternal Luxe Website Launch

Welcome Everyone!

We are delighted to launch the Eternal Luxe website and share our story with you.
Eternal Luxe is a brand of luxury leather goods based in San Francisco, CA. Our hand-stitched products are made locally by leather artisans who merge centuries-old techniques with contemporary designs to achieve timeless style. 

Here you will find access to our products, starting this year with the Namara Collection, featuring a minimalistic yet bold design. This collection was inspired by the clean lines of contemporary architecture, with an emphasis on beauty of the material and unconventional proportions.

The first two products are the Namara Clutch and the Namara Card Case, available in smooth tan, grained black and suede blue, all paired with a beautiful gray leather.

Explore the site to find out more about the process and the people behind the products. A lot of unique details make our brand very special and we invite you to explore through our website, blog, Instagram and Facebook pages.